Without Britain and Russia, the five stars Hotels will not restart


In the last month of the summer season, hoteliers are now turning their attention, as the July bookings are a deterrent to their decision to reopen their units as arrivals from Britain and Russia are delayed.  

According to the authorities, each hotelier must collect his own data, ie the country of origin of his customers, the size of the damage he will suffer if the unit is opened or remains closed and the pressure he receives from his associates in abroad (travel organizers and travel agents) that if it does not reopen it will lose the 2021 season.

The headache for the five-star hotels is much higher due to the size of the operating expenses, because as the president of the tourism business association (STEK), Akis Vavlitis, told StockWatch, they consider that they are punished instead of being strengthened through the government’s plans. will reopen or not.

According to Mr. Vavlitis, “large hotels are facing a bigger problem because under the new plans they will have to re-hire 50% of the permanent staff when they reopen. We have hotels that employ 600 permanent staff only in one hotel, and the government is forcing them to bring in 300 people even with one tourist or 20% occupancy. For these hotels, the operating costs will be huge. “

He also expressed the view that the new plans are a disincentive for five- and four-star hotels, while creating unfair competition in the industry itself, because the operating costs for some units will be huge and for others lower.

Mr. Vavlitis also conveyed the discomfort of hoteliers because Cyprus is the only country that has not announced a specific date for the opening of the British and Russian markets, which are their main markets.

“We have also made suggestions for quick tests but we are still in consultation,” he said.

Commenting on the developments, he said that the data is very fluid and even changes day by day. Unfortunately, bookings for July are negligible for this reason and hoteliers are constantly reviewing their positions, where they state that they will open in a few hours are different.

In the same context, what the general manager of PASYXE, Filokipyros Rousounidis, stated, said that “for the time being, the hotels that have reopened are counted on their fingers”.

However, he added that “every day we have new reports that other hotels will be opened from the already 3-4 hotels that have operated in each province. But because the situation is volatile, we can’t say for sure how many units will open because decisions change from time to time. “

As for bookings for July, he agreed that they are zero. However, he expressed hope that in August, when the traditional markets of Cyprus, Britain, Russia and the Scandinavian countries will open, more than 50% of hotel units will reopen, noting that “the year will be catastrophic without the arrival of even in reduced numbers of tourists from Britain and Russia. “

Mr. Rousounidis expressed the same concern about the delay in announcing a specific date for the opening of Britain and Russia.

“We are sitting on coals until the government announces the opening of the two markets, so that the planning of both travel agents and travel agencies can take place, because even without an indicative date, they cannot plan their program and I am very afraid that tourist streams will sweep them to other countries that have already announced the opening of these destinations. Like Greece, for example, which has already made the relevant announcements. Travel organizers when they have ready-made packages want to sell them will not wait, although there is a lot of interest in Cyprus “.

Source: SW