With demonstrations the first day of Lagarde as President of ECB .


The first official day of Christine Lagarde’s ECB, was dominated by demonstrations outside the building of the bank in Frankfurt

The protesters said that they wanted a more open bond procurement policy and that they wanted another way, which is to set climate targets.

Setting its goals in the hearing of the European Parliament Christine Lagarde said: “Climate change is one of the most important challenges facing society today. I personally believe that every organisation has the climate change threat and environmental protection at the core of its conception of its role. And I am referring to those countries, such as the Netherlands, Germany and others in the world that are already surplus. “The German Government was not satisfied with this Lagarde Declaration as officials of the ECB avoided referring the specific countries in their comments. The German Finance Minister said:’ If, for the next ten years, you look at the expenditure in the German Government and include the climate package, an additional € 550 billion would be spent.’