Voices of injustice from businesses that remain closed


By the end of August, the state will continue to subsidize the salaries of thousands of workers, who are employed in companies that are in full swing due to the decrees issued by the Ministry of Health in the context of restrictive measures to deal with coronavirus.

Under the new government plans, workers in theaters, cinemas, reception centers, leisure centers and nightclubs will continue to be paid 60% of their salaries by the state. The new special plan for the complete suspension of the company’s operations will be in force from June 13 to August 31.

The concession of the relevant allowances will be as follows:
– Businesses in which up to nine people are employed, the state will cover them 100%. That is, for the next two and a half months, all employees will be covered, who will receive a subsidy of 60% of their earnings. 
– Companies employing more than nine employees will receive 90% state coverage. For example, a company that employs 100 people, 90 employees will be paid by the state and the remaining ten by the employer. The amount of the allowance they will receive will correspond to 60% of the insurable earnings. 

As in previous plans, the maximum amount of the allowance will be € 1,214 per month. A prerequisite for companies to participate in the project is that no redundancies take place from March 1st to October 31st. 

Government announcements have provoked strong reactions from affected businessmen who have been putting money into their coffers since last March. Holiday homeowners, event organizers, catering companies and concerts are in despair. Speaking to “F”, they emphasize that in addition to having suffered a great financial blow, they have also been wronged by the new plans. The president of the Pancyprian Association of Professional Events, Konstantinos Mosaikos, told “F” that the legal advisers and accountants of the association are considering the new government plans to find out in which plan their members can join.

At the same time, cinema owners are expressing their displeasure because the government is mainly subsidizing hotels. In this sector, 160 employees work and 50 cinemas operate. The president of the Pancyprian Association of Ethnographers and director of RIO cinemas, Marios Herodotou, said that there is unequal treatment between companies. As he said, with the reopening of the cinemas, it will be difficult for them to pay the employees as they will have only 20% receipts, money that they will use to pay the electricity bills.

The Executive President of K-Cineplex, Dimis Karapatakis, wondered how the employees would be paid after the opening of the business after 6 months that it was closed. He also said that due to the government’s decisions, the company, while closed, pays € 20 thousand a month. “The government is subsidizing the hotels and leaving us naked,” he added. He also noted that the cinema is suffering, asking for the support of the state until the end of the year.

Source : Phil