Uncharted places in Cyprus


The western part of the Akrotiri Peninsula is a wilderness, untouched by civilization. It is one of the few places on the island where you can see dunes. The color of the sand depends on the weather and time of day. Most often the dunes are golden brown. But it can also be the color of baked milk, greenish concrete, or silver-gray pearls.

Akrotiri Bay is open to all southerly winds, which is why surf fans have chosen it. Sea breezes do unthinkable things to the dunes, giving alien landscapes. With light but persistent touches, the wind periodically changes the terrain beyond recognition.

In winter, when it rains in Cyprus, the vegetation awakened after a summer sleep gives millions of colors and smells. The sea is stunningly beautiful, from which turtles sometimes crawl out onto land to lay their eggs in the sand heated in the sun.

“Three stars”

In the shallow waters off the coast of the Akrotiri Peninsula, you can see the half-sunken dry cargo ship “Three Stars”. The ship was built in Wisconsin in 1943 by order of the US Department of War Transport and named Gurden Gates. He changed owners, home port and name more than once.

On February 17, 1967, a fire broke out on the ship, which by that time was called the Three Stars. The ship was deemed unrecoverable and was towed into shallow water. “Three stars” lie at the bottom at a depth of seven meters. Part of the body protrudes above the water surface. This is a great dive site for beginner divers.

How to get there?

Drive along Franklin Roosevelt Avenue to the Zakaki roundabout (near New Port and May Mall), exit at the second exit from the roundabout (in the opposite direction from the city). We drive for about 5.5 km, leaving on the right side the turn to Fasouri water park and crossing the village of Asomatos. At the T-junction (turn to Kolossi and Akrotiri), turn left.

We drive about another five kilometers. We are approaching the checkpoint of the British military base. We turn right near it and go for about a kilometer. We reach the Akrotiri Fishing Shelter sign. We turn left. We drive along a country road for about 800 meters, turn right, overcome another kilometer and a half and go to the sea near the Akrotiri fish farm.