UN forecasts: The biggest tourism crisis since 1950


The volume of international tourism (the number of tourists) fell by 22% in the first quarter of 2020 and may fall by another 60-80% throughout the year, according to a study by the UN World Tourism Organization.

The number of foreign tourists in the world as of May decreased by 67 million, compared with March. Therefore, the sphere lost about 80 billion dollars.

Three scenarios for the development of tourism in 2020 were predicted: they depend on the dates of the gradual opening of international borders.

  1. The number of tourists will fall by 58% if the borders are opened in early July
  2. Will fall by 70% if the borders are opened in early September
  3. Will fall by 78% if the borders are opened in early December

In the case of the third scenario, 100-120 million jobs in the tourism sector will be in jeopardy.

world tourism during the coronavirus pandemic

This is the worst crisis that international tourism has faced since 1950, the organization added.