U.S. intelligence: China underestimates Coronavirus statistics


China underestimates the epidemic of the coronavirus COVID-19. US intelligence reported such data in a secret report submitted to US President Donald Trump, Bloomberg reports   citing informed sources.

Officials are convinced that China’s public reporting on the number of cases and the mortality rate is incomplete.

“There are no more deaths from coronavirus in the US than in China. Without commenting on any secret information, it is very obvious: the Chinese Communist Party lied, is lying and will continue to lie about the coronavirus in order to protect its political regime, ”said Ben Sass, a Senator from Nebraska.

At the same time, it is noted that China is not the only country with suspicious public reporting of coronavirus, according to American politicians.

“Western officials also pointed to Iran, Russia, Indonesia, and especially North Korea, which did not report a single case of the disease, as probable cases of underestimation of statistics. Other countries, including Saudi Arabia and Egypt, may also try to underestimate their performance, ”the report says.