Tuscan Autumn: Grand Prix “Mugello”


Today Scuderia “Ferrari” celebrates a holiday – the thousandth race! Congratulations! We wish you good luck and success in the new season! The current season for Italians can safely be disastrous. For the holiday, the birthday people prepared a special livery for the cars, of a darker color, corresponding to beautiful overalls. 

Here, the first corner … and Max Verstappen says that he is losing engine power. Seconds later, Raikkonen took the lead, and the champion of the last race, Pierre Gasly, swept over him. And here, in parallel, Science turned against the movement in the fight against “Racing Point”. In an attempt to bypass his car, the same Verstappen, Gasly and Roman Grosjean were carried out onto the gravel. In all this commotion, Sebastian Vettel’s beautiful Cherry Nine (anniversary color) Scuderia Ferrari had their front fender broken. As in a fairy tale about a turnip – a grandfather for a turnip, a woman for a grandfather, a granddaughter for a grandmother, and a Bug for a granddaughter! Yellow flags, Verstappen and Gasley stuck in the gravel. Vettel changed the wing and Raikonnen dropped by the pit stop. For about five minutes the safety car held back the racers. And now, it would seem, the track is clean, but … at the time of the restart, such a mess happened! 

According to experts, Bottas does not often lead at the restart. It was for this reason that he warmed up the tires longer than necessary, and in the middle of the bellette they decided it was time to accelerate. However, not everyone decided that it was time to go forward and slowed down a little. “Haasian” Magnussen accelerated and then, as they say, hit the brakes, Giovinazzi drove into him, and Nicolas Latifi got into it. This “pile of little” was cut by Carlos Science in “McLaren”.

Red flags. The track was removed for a long time. The limit, as everyone knows, is four hours and you need to pass 75% of the route. Experts feared they might not meet the limit. While under the flags, all the cars “changed their shoes”, the mechanics worked with some of them. And the judges decided to start from the spot. 

Renault announced that it is filming Esteban Ocon’s car. Miracles on bends, and more! The reason for the descent of the renos was never named: a mystery covered in darkness. 

At the restart, everyone was frightened by the smoking brakes of Lewis Hamilton, but, fortunately, this did not affect the technical condition of the car. Already at the first corner, the champion bypassed his teammate. At the second restart there were only 13 cars! 

On lap 44, Lance Stroll flies out … and that’s all why – Bottas in a conversation on the radio, joked that it would not hurt to call the safety car for the third time! The blow was strong, Stroll himself was in perfect order. As the saying goes, “God loves the Trinity.” And there are 12 of them left! A second red flag during the same race. Everyone returned to pit lane and the pilots left their cars. Everyone had the opportunity to change tires, but almost all of them had changed their shoes before, losing precious time. Again, the pilots have a ten-minute break. At that moment, Cyril Abitebul was most worried. A couple of years ago, he argued with Dani Riccardo, if a racer comes to the podium in a Renault car, he will choose a tattoo design for Abitebul. Cyril is concerned about Danchik’s cheerful personality, who, for fun, can come up with a provocative drawing. And the rider number “3” is still holding the third position – there is hope for the podium! The second restart was “standing” – a standing start! That gives us three starts in total in one race! An extremely rare phenomenon! Six rows of the starting field! 

The first three consisted of two Mercedes and Renault, until a few laps before the finish “Red Bull” in the person of Alex Albon did not pass Daniel Riccardo. Danchik became the pilot of the day with 23% of votes. 

Difficult track, many accidents, three starts … the day was exciting! “Ferrari” on their holiday got five points for two. Scuderia missed ahead of “Renault” with a score of 83 points against 66.
It should be noted that spectators have already appeared in Tuscany – 2800 people. 

The next race will be held in Sochi, also with spectators. It remains to wait – there are two weeks ahead …

Anna Ioannou