Turkish Grand Prix: Miracles on the bends!


The qualification was fun, in the pouring rain. Decorated with red flags, it “hung” until the rain stopped and dragged on until darkness. And in the eastern Mediterranean, as you know, it gets dark early. We barely made it, and the picture after the qualification was funny! It was immediately clear which cars are suitable for difficult conditions and a harsh climate, almost cold (+13) …

The “pinks” and “Red Bull” became the leaders, forming a kind of sandwich. Behind them is Danchik Riccardo and only in sixth place is the Mega Champion of all times and peoples! 

“Racing Point” were in the lead at the start, they were followed by the renos, but Esteban Ocon and Valtteri Bottas simultaneously skidded and spun, as a result, N31 changed shoes on the third lap, and N77 reached 8. The wet track threw Bottas and Ocon back into the very tail of the bellette … Lance Stroll surprised everyone with absolutely the best laps … 
Starting from lap 9, everyone began to change their shoes … losing ground and mixing up the already complex configuration. On lap 11, the Redbulls changed, moving to the first and second lines, and “Racing Point” – the third and fourth … and this leapfrog dragged on for the next ten laps.
By the twelfth lap, everyone changed their shoes from rain tires to intermediate ones. It should be noted that a thunderstorm with rain and lightning swept not only over Turkey, but also over our sunny island of Cyprus. Our rain stopped at the same time and the roads began to dry up, only Cypriots do not change their tires to rain or winter.

The drivers of “Ferrari” were surprised by their agility: today Vettel was twice as bright as Leclair – 4 and 9 positions. How Magnussen ended up in the top ten on Haas is a big question! Well, “McLaren” is losing ground. Of the two pilots, only one of the two pilots will be expected to wear glasses, and that is at best! 

Later, the “best circles” went to stamp all and sundry: Leclair, Alban, Perez and others like them. 

But then Maksik skidded and spun into a hurricane, throwing him to the end of the third segment. Actually, to be honest, I thought that half of the cars would “beat and fly” before the twentieth lap. I expected that there would be 12-13 cars at the finish line. But … alas and ah!

Everything was monotonous until, on lap 36, Magnussen crashed onto the grass. Broken corny. At 39, Lewis Hamilton took the rightful leading position, Sergio Perez remained in second place from the “pinks”, Verstappen continued, Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclair who miraculously kept themselves. For Ferrari, this is probably the best result this season. Then they had a castling that did not affect the course of events. Latifi from the Williams team quietly “merged”. How and when – even the fans and the judges did not notice. Roman Grosjean dropped out just as unremarkably … but ten laps before the finish line Daniel Riccardo kicked off beautifully. Norris narrowly escaped the collision. Then the turntable spun Raikkonen and Albon. It started to rain, and, as a result, the following crawled onto the podium:
1) Hamilton
2) Perez
3) Vettel 
Honorable fourth place was taken by Sab’s teammate – “The Hobbit”. But Lance Stroll, starting from the floor, slipped to ninth place. 
I must say that Sebastian deserved this podium. Well, Hamilton was awarded the title of World Champion for the seventh time! Early !! Legendary person! We live in great times! In two weeks we are waiting for the continuation of this exciting sport, despite the fact that the champion is already known! 

But for the third place in the Constructors’ Cup: Renault, McLaren and Racing Point will compete. There is no such intense struggle and passion among the pilots. The absolute leader is Hamilton, then his “shadow” Valtteri Bottas. Max Verstappen took the third place. With a huge margin, without a hint of struggle, in fourth place – Riccardo. 
We will see what awaits us in two weeks …