TUI: Greece-Cyprus among the well-prepared countries for summer tourism


Greece, Cyprus, Croatia, Bulgaria, Spain, Austria and Denmark are among the destinations that are “well prepared” for the summer tourist season, according to TUI chief Friedrich Jussen.

“We have developed a health check for all tourist destinations and will only offer holidays in safe countries,” Jussen said in an interview with BILD’s television program, stressing that Germany must first open its own borders.

“Then, in the first place is definitely Mallorca. The hotels there have been tested and could be opened immediately and receive tourists. Similarly, Greece, Cyprus, Croatia and Bulgaria are well prepared for summer tourism. And of course Austria and Denmark, “said the German businessman. Especially for Greece, he clarified that some hotels have been left free, in order to catalyze tourists there in case they become infected with coronavirus.

Mr Jussen also expressed disagreement with the German travel directive, which applies to the whole world and is in force until June 14, stressing that the government should consider what is happening in each region individually and issue instructions only. for any countries deemed necessary. “For example: Mallorca has been hit by the corona much less than Madrid.

Travel and freedom of movement are at the heart of Europe,” he said.