Top 10 Private Islands for Sale in Greece


Great news – now, to buy one of the dozens of small islands in the Aegean or Ionian Sea, you don’t have to be a billionaire at all.

In connection with the crisis, many owners of such islands began to put them up for sale: high maintenance costs and taxes, as well as the protracted economic crisis, forced their owners to look for new ways to invest and increase the liquidity of these islands.

The Greek islands are very numerous and diverse – in total there are more than 6,000 islands in Greece, of which only 227 are inhabited, 140 are privately owned.

Therefore, now everyone has a unique opportunity – you can buy your own island and build a house on it in accordance with your requirements, for permanent residence, or just for relaxation. Of course, you can buy a private island as an investment in business and build a complex of villas or houses there.

Most of the private islands in Greece are uninhabited, they are classified as “restricted” or “unlimited”.

Private islands with restrictions are subject to special legislation: in order to begin construction on these islands, you will need a special permit from the Greek state, which will remove the existing restrictions. In some extreme cases, consideration may even be required in the Greek Parliament.

Private islands without restrictions are much more convenient for buyers. They have fewer restrictions and more opportunities for construction.

There are dozens of real estate sites offering private Greek islands for sale. Typically, the asking price is not announced publicly, most often information is searched on the following sites: and .

We have prepared for you a list of the most interesting Greek islands that are currently for sale. And if the stars are successful, you can become the owner of one of them.


Patroclus Island with an area of ​​643 acres, is a cultural monument of architecture, located near the Temple of Poseidon, at the sea gate to Athens. Patroclus Island has long attracted investors. The northeastern side of the island is quite flat, passable for vehicles, the soil is suitable for cultivation. The island has 5050 olive trees and many pine trees. The northern section covers approximately 275 acres of cultivated land, the rest is rocky, with a predominance of green marble.

Saint thomas

Located on Saronicikos Bay, 300 acres of St. Thomas Island is a 20-minute drive from Corinth and a 45-minute drive from Athens by water. The island is ideal for those who would like to build a luxurious house for a summer vacation.


A rocky island located in the Gulf of Amvrakikos in northern Greece. The 31.63-acre Vuvalos is a green island adorned with beautiful beaches. Due to its unusual shape, the island also includes several natural harbors, as well as a picturesque lagoon in the center of the island.


Stroggilo is an uninhabited rocky island west of Patmos in the Dodecanese, in the eastern Mediterranean. On 54 acres, it is located between the islets of Agrelus and Maratos, east of the Arch and north of Lipsi. In 2014, it was rumored that Hollywood star Johnny Depp had expressed interest in buying the island.

Kato Antikeri

Kato Antikeri is a large private island located in the Cyclades near Amorgos. An area of ​​272 acres is the ideal size for a private residence or a large development. Unlike the neighboring islands, the Kato Antikeri area is flat, making it suitable for large construction projects. The island already has two harbors, electricity and telephone lines, two houses and a small church.


The largest island in the Echinades chain, 5.5 square kilometers or 2.1 square miles, Petalas belongs to a large group of the Ionian Islands. Some historians suggest that Petalas is actually an ancient “Dulichia”, from where, according to the Iliad of Homer, 40 ships sailed to Troy. However, most modern authors believe that the ancient Dulicius is actually the neighboring island of Makri. There are about 4,000 olive trees and dwarf shrubs on Petalas Island. The landscape of the island consists mainly of red rocky soil.


Kardiotissa Island is located in the heart of the Cycladic complex between Folegandros Island (seven minutes by speed boat) and Sikinos Island (ten minutes by speed boat). There is daily water transport to the port of Piraeus and neighboring islands, which provides trips throughout the year.

Saint Athanasius

The charming, almost completely round island of St. Athanasius is located in the Gulf of Corinth, 1.5 miles from the city of Itea and not far from Delphi. It is also close to the Parnas ski resort and the historic port of Galaxidi. The vegetation on this small private island of 10,811 square meters (116,369 square feet) includes several pine and olive trees, and there is a small sandy beach along the northwest coast.

Trinity Island

This idyllic Greek island, located near Athens, boasts a vibrant past. It belongs to the family of the former keeper of the royal secret purse of the three kings of Greece since 1958. Trinity Island is mostly flat, with an abundance of vegetation. There are about 350 olive and pistachio trees, pine and cypress forests and various fruit (pomegranate, apricot, peach, almond, fig) trees. Among the colorful ornamental shrubs that can be found on this Greek island, there are oleander and hibiscus.


The island of Tragonisi is one of the three islands near the Peloponnese and is a 45-minute drive from Athens by water. In the immediate vicinity of the small town of Korfos, Tragonisi has a sandy beach. 90 acres of this bright, sunny island in the Peloponnese enchant. The bright blue sky, the coast from which offers stunning views of the sparkling sea, the wide coast and other neighboring islands.


This island in the Ionian Sea has only one building – a beautiful tiny chapel. Nevertheless, permission was obtained to build other buildings that will be located on 20% of the island. It is also believed that if a potential buyer can prove the need to invest in the construction of more real estate on the island of Omphori, the Greek government is likely to issue an additional permit.

Well, are we making plans for the future? Perhaps now is the best time to make your dream of owning a Greek island a reality.