The first phase of the tender for the supply of Liquefied Natural Gas has closed


The first phase of the tender process of the Public Natural Gas Company (DEFA) for the supply of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) has been successfully completed.

According to an announcement, 19 interested suppliers were selected for the procedures concerning both the medium-term supply of the basic quantities with a contract “LNG Sales and Purchase Agreement – SPA”, as well as for the procedure that allows supply from the direct delivery market “Spot” through negotiation “Master Sales Agreement – MSA”.

In addition, 5 interested suppliers qualified only for the “Master Sales Agreement – MSA” contract award process.

The list of leading companies includes one of the strongest names in the international LNG market. As noted, the fierce competition for the supply of LNG, reaffirms that the strategic choice for the creation of the LNG floating regeneration terminal in Vasiliko is moving in the right direction.

It is recalled that DEFA, following the international practice of supplying liquefied natural gas, had decided to hold an open tender by expressing an expression of interest in June 2019, with 25 different companies in the energy market expressing their intention to supply EFA.
The procedure concerned the pre-selection of LNG suppliers on the one hand for concluding agreements that allow the purchase of “spots” of cargo and on the other hand for the selection of a supplier and the signing of a contract for the basic quantities.

DEFA is expected to proceed to the next stage of the tender with the start of the procedures for concluding contracts for the purchase of “spot” cargo and for the medium-term contract for the supply of LNG in 2021.