The cost of food and transport services in Cyprus is higher than the EU average


Most products and services in Cyprus are slightly cheaper than in other European countries, but not by much, show the new Eurostat data for 2019.

Out of ten categories, only food and transport prices are higher than the EU average. Food, including meat, fish, vegetables, potatoes and more, is 6.5% more expensive in Cyprus.

By far, Switzerland is the most expensive European country to buy something to eat, while Romania is the cheapest.

Transport services in Cyprus, such as airline tickets, Internet and postal services, are slightly higher than the EU average. The most expensive transport services are in Norway, and the cheapest are in Poland.

Alcohol and tobacco are also the most expensive in Norway, more than double the EU average. And in Cyprus, alcohol and tobacco are 6.2% cheaper than the EU average.

Housing expenses are particularly low in Cyprus, 25.5% below average. But the lowest costs in Bulgaria, where they are 63.5% cheaper.

The most expensive countries are Switzerland, Norway and Iceland, although they are not EU countries, as well as Luxembourg and Denmark. At the same time, Bulgaria is in the ranking of the cheapest countries in almost all categories.