Cosco: The Chinese are pushing for a new pier


The ports of Piraeus have been blocked from containers, and the Chinese are now pushing for the construction of pier IV ice- cream project by the government.

The loads are high, as the port broke the 5 million containers barrier in 2019   and there have been months of delays in serving ships up to four days, causing problems in trade as well.  

The  Cosco  found a temporary solution. They consolidated the three existing piers, transporting loads to PPA. The Chinese control the whole port but with two companies. COP / Cosco has piers II and III and PPA has pier I.

There were some labor issues that needed to be overcome and now the three piers are working in sync.

The construction of pier IV remains one of the most important in order to further strengthen Piraeus. Otherwise, not only will it not stabilize, but it  will begin to lose ground. The companies will not ship to Piraeus since they will not be served on time and will go to other ports. And slowly they will carry all their activities and loads elsewhere.

Piraeus came in fourth place in 2019 in the list of Europe’s top ports while being the first in the Mediterranean. In both cases it exceeded the port of Valencia.

Piraeus is in the 32nd place in the world rankings.

The first three European ports are still a long way off. At the top is Rotterdam and 11th in the world with 14.5 million boxes. Next comes Antwerp with 11.1 million in Europe’s second and 13th in the world and Hamburg in third and 19th in the world.

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