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Eurostat: Cyprus Rents down by 7.7%, house prices by 4.5% since 2010

Between 2010 and the third quarter of 2011, house prices and rents in the EU27 followed similar paths. Since the third quarter...

Read the resignation letter of Andreas Paraschos: The President said about 300 million before...

His resignation was submitted today by the journalist Andreas Paraschos, director of "Kathimerini" Cyprus, due to what took place after the publication...

Cyprus looks for a piece of the action with ‘Olivewood’ movie industry

The island nation is wooing international film makers as a sunny and cheaper alternative to Los AngelesThe Mediterranean...

Olivewood: A Horror Movie will start shooting in Cyprus

In another Olivewood milestone leading production company, Altadium is preparing to make the first horror film ever shot on location in Cyprus.

FORMULA 1: Preparing for the 2021 Grand Prix

The head of Mercedes, Toto Wolff, has extended the contract with the team, according to the press service of the Silver Arrows.