Successful race: Belgian Grand Prix


Before the start, it was announced that McLaren was filming the N55, Carl Science. He had problems with the diffuser and some other mechanisms. The race started, everything was right … the first four soared, Esteban Ocon at the start beautifully overtook Albon … a magic picture … two Mercedes, Hamilton and Bottas; then Redbull – Maxik Verstappen (nicknamed Tapok), two Renault – Denchik and Esteban; Redbull again … In the distance, in the middle of bellette, aggressive Pierre Gasly overtook his rivals … one by one. In general, nothing foreshadowed trouble …

Suddenly, on lap 11, Giovenazzi from Alfa Romeo decided to test the safety barriers for strength. The barrier withstood, but the wheels fell off from the car … right into the car of George Russell. For once, Williams made his way into the top fifteen in qualifying … kept in the middle of the general stream … and here’s the result. Both went out of the race. 

During the “safety car” all the leaders looked at the pit stop, changed tires and moved forward. It is surprising that at the beginning of the race Ferrari, in particular Charles Leclair, overtook many, reached the eighth position and began to lose speed. By the 19th lap, both he and Seb Vettel were on the 12th and 13th positions … behind virtually everyone … 

Then the race was quite predictable. At some stage after the first three were Pierre Gasly and Alex Albon. But Renault showed what they are capable of! Daniel Riccardo qualified fourth and came fourth! On the last lap 44, he made the fastest result: 1.47.483, beating even the Silver Arrows. Until the last second I expected that the vibration in the tires at Lewis and at Max would lead to a decrease in speed or to a new pit stop, which would give Renault the opportunity to take the podium. But alas and ah. 

The first four remained unchanged:

1. Lewis Hamilton 

2. Valtteri Bottas

3. Max Verstappen

4. Daniel Riccardo

In the fifth place in qualification was Alex Albon, and he kept it, with varying success. On the last lap, Okon squeezed everything he could out of his yellow faithful knight and ended up in fifth position, beating Albon. 

Ferraris remained in the tail … what happens to the leaders of the season – remains a mystery. Either this is the notorious Ferrari strategy, or the mistakes of Mattia Binnotto … or the engineers failed. The fact remains – Charles Leclair in 14th place, Sebastian Vettel in 13th place. 

Pierre Gasly was recognized as the pilot of the day, although, in my opinion, both renoschiks deserve this title! 

The race was interesting, we are waiting for Italy, Monza. Exactly in a week!