Sochi Autodrom has hosted the tenth stage of F1


Before the start of the race, the results of the investigation against Albon were announced, where he was downgraded by 5 positions. Hamilton was also under investigation, but he was more fortunate! The championship leader was given a five-second penalty, and twice! Ham got angry and demanded clarification, clarification, where it is said in the rules! It seems that if he could address the judges personally, here and now – he would do it! 

“Records exist in order to break them,” Schumacher once said. And this race is decisive for Lewis Hamilton! If he won today, he would catch up with the legendary Michael! 

Tense first lap – Carlos Science and Lance Stroll flew out! And for them a series of failures continues – for “McLaren” this is the third unsuccessful race, and for “Raicing Point” – the second. Science himself is to blame – he decided to cut, it was narrow and he did not fit into the turn. Stroll made a mistake in the same place where earlier Sebastian Vettel. Perhaps Leclair “faked” him from behind. It’s good that no one has come to his side yet. Norris started to complain about the steering, especially when turning right. 

On the ninth lap Max Verstappen began to complain about the technical condition of the car. However, both drivers finished the race as usual.

Danchik Riccardo received half of the Mercedes penalty: +5 seconds. Renoshnik’s reaction was funny, he promised to go faster, but … alas, only P5. 

The rest of the race was boring and monotonous. It should be noted Ham – having missed the penalty 10 seconds, he made his way to the third position. “Red Bull” focused on their race, trying to maintain the second position.

The captain’s bridge offered Max to compete with Bottas, but the Dutchman refused, realizing that the main task was to keep the “tit in hand”. Strategists “McLarena” too clever, left without glasses. It was interesting to watch the games of friends, who in their lives “cut” into virtual games – this is a group of Albon, Norris and Gasley. Only Leclerc is missing – he is a little higher, and Russell: he was driving first from the end. Kimi Raikonenn broke the record for the number of starts. Today’s leader, Finn Bottas, showed a number of absolutely best circles. When his teammate received fines and globally fell behind – the second Mercedes, feeling freedom, began to behave like an absolute leader. It was these qualities, some kind of aggression and excitement that Lewis Hamilton’s partner always lacked. Here he won his second victory on this track and took “absolutely fast lap”.  

The podium looked like this:

1. Bottas

2 Verstappen

3. Hamilton. 

Most of the main roster finished the race at the starting position! 

Again no one could overtake the Mercedes. 

I would like to add that officially the first race with spectators is Sochi! The stands accommodated 31,000 fans. Tickets cannot be bought for a couple of weeks before the start of the Grand Prix! Daniil Kvyat worked perfectly on the “home track”! It was nice to follow the snow with diligence and correct, precise work! It remains to wait for the next stage, already in Nürburg! 

Anna Ioannou