“Slaughter” on Airbnb


The Airbnb short-term lease platform is laying off 1,900 employees .

The San Francisco-based company expects its revenue to fall by at least half this year due to the massive cancellations caused by the new colonial pandemic.

For this reason, it has decided to reduce its staff by 25% (employing a total of 7,500 employees), mainly in sectors that are not directly related to short-term leases:

“They cut things like investing in hotels and luxury real estate. They were also involved in transportation and aviation, but also in film production. They make cuts, they go back to their core business and so they reduce staff a lot, ” explains Di An Darbin, an Associated Press reporter.

Airbnb CEO Brian Cesky estimates that the tourism industry will continue to be affected in the coming years, as travelers prefer closer and more economical destinations.

The company paid $ 250 million in compensation to property owners after its decision not to pay penalties until June 15 by those who canceled their trips due to the pandemic.