Six Carnival cruise ships choose Cyprus for lay-up

Princess Cruises ocean cruise ship

Six passenger ships, driven by the cruise giant Carnival, are moored in Moni, east of Limassol, for the duration of the Covid-19 restrictions, which led to the stopping of cruise activities around the world.

The vessels arrived in Cyprus after the official statement of the Cyprus shipping authorities of May 6, which offered equipment for docking cruise ships in the ports of the island for refueling, while operators and shipowners were also allowed to deliver their vessels to the island for parking.

According to leading operators, six Carnival cruise ships will remain in Cyprus until cruise operations resume, which is unlikely until October. There are no passengers on board, only the crew supporting the life of the ship.

Vessels pay for parking, and also use the services of local suppliers and technical services.

Finding these ships in the waters of Cyprus is environmentally safe – they are all built with the most stringent environmental laws and requirements that allow ships to be operated in some of the most environmentally friendly waters on the planet, such as Alaska and the Arctic.

In addition, the presence of these vessels in the waters of Cyprus “allows us to demonstrate the powerful support infrastructure that the island can provide to cruise industry operators, which will help develop relations for future business in the future,” said Natasha Pilides, Deputy Minister of Shipping.

All vessels are in the so-called “hot” berth – this means that the ship is not working, but can be put into operation immediately if necessary, while in the “cold” berth it is moored or anchored in a safe place awaiting new work or charter.

In general, according to CSC President Philippos Filis, the situation in the shipping industry is beginning to stabilize, many correct decisions have been made, but immediate government support for shipping in Cyprus is still an urgent problem.

“Despite significant economic and operational difficulties, both internationally and locally, shipping remains one of the most important and productive sectors of the Cyprus economy, which accounts for 7% of GDP.”