Shops & Restaurants owners are suing chief of infectious diseases specialist in Antwerp


The traffic ban was decided by the local authorities in the province of Antwerp, Belgium . Antwerp has become a hotspot for the spread of the coronavirus in Belgium , where more than 70% of new cases are recorded.

Transportation from 11.30 in the evening until 06.00 in the morning is allowed only for emergency reasons.

The news “froze” the owners of restaurants and bars.

There is no soul, we only had two people at noon, we closed in the afternoon because there was no one. We have more cancellations than reservations.

The new austerity measures deal another blow to the region’s tourism industry, and many businesses fear they will not be able to survive.

Store owners are outraged.

They plan to take legal action against the leading epidemiologist Marc van Ranst, the “Belgian Tsiodra”, who warned the Belgians to stay away from Antwerp.

According to Help de Horeca, which represents local service companies and has already hired a lawyer, “in recent days the cancellations have been innumerable due to the spread of fear.”

The founder of the organization, Johan Tyson, stated that “I have been overwhelmed with phone calls from businessmen who close their stores because there is no customer. They often burst into tears “

After his statement, Antwerp has become a ghost town. All restaurants are empty. The bars are empty. It is a pity because his statement was abruptly dropped.

Johan Tyson representative of shopkeepers, founder of Help de Horeca

Mark Van Ranst himself tweeted that pandemic control should be a priority for everyone to avoid a generalized lockdown.

“We have to fight a virus. A tourist visit to one of the biggest hotspots in the pandemic is not discussed. “Some people seem to not understand it,” he said.

“The Antwerp split may be a prelude to the ongoing battles for measures against COVID,” reports euronews correspondent Jack Parock. “Here, mask use is mandatory everywhere and shopping is only allowed in one store at a time, as the debate over a second wave of the pandemic erupts.”