Shield of protection for naturalized wanted persons


EDEK Social Party MP Kostis Efstathiou submitted a proposal for a law that under certain conditions will provide a protective shield to foreigners who have acquired Cypriot citizenship and who are wanted by Europol or Interpol.

The draft law provides that if a person is wanted by Europol or Interpol, he should not be deprived of his nationality simply because he is wanted by a country, if the cabinet deems that country to be internationally known for the misuse of Europol information systems or Interpol, or that the person is being prosecuted for his or her political or other beliefs, or that his or her data has been deleted from Europol or Interpol information systems, or that the country in which he is wanted violates internationally accepted and recognized Europol or Interpol procedures.

During discussions in the committee of internal affairs on the regulatory framework that was recently voted by the parliament in relation to the naturalization of foreign investors, Mr. Efstathiou had announced his intention to submit a relevant bill. The MP had referred to cases of wanted persons who were persecuted due to their political views, who after returning to their country had bad luck, emphasizing the need to protect them.

According to the explanatory memorandum, the purpose of the proposal is to amend the law on the population archive, in order to introduce additional provisions in relation to the power of the cabinet to deprive certain persons of citizenship of the Republic.

It is added that the proposed regulations are deemed necessary, so that during the applicable process of deprivation of the citizenship of the Republic by any person and the issuance of a relevant decree of the Council of Ministers, the rules of the rule of law are applied and the minimum requirements of the European Convention are observed. protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

In addition, according to the rapporteur, these regulations ensure the protection of naturalized persons, from abusive practices and search procedures by third countries, during their legal residence in the Republic.

The bill is being submitted at a time when investigations have already identified cases in which passports should be revoked, but also in the midst of further investigation of the Cypriot naturalization program by the investigative committee headed by the former President of the Supreme Court Myron Nikolatos.

By Maria Hampi