Russian tourists may be allowed to travel to Cyprus earlier than anticipated


Russians may be allowed to come to Cyprus at the next review of the epidemiological situation in different countries. About this on June 15 in the air of the online exhibition OTM-2020: RESTART of the media holding Profi.Travel told the tourism attaché of the Embassy of Cyprus Dimitris Dimitriou.

According to him, the restoration of tourism on the island has already begun: from June 1, some of the hotels opened. Entrance to Cyprus is currently allowed to citizens from  several European countries , which are divided into two categories: A and B. Starting June 9, Cyprus airports began to receive international flights from countries belonging to the first group, where the most favorable epidemiological situation. And from June 20, such tourists will no longer need a certificate to arrive on the island. Travelers who come from countries in category B will have to show negative results on COVID-19 after this date.

Russia so far belongs to category C – these are countries from which entry to Cyprus is currently prohibited. Dimitris Dimitriou explained that the lists are updated weekly, and at the next revision of the Russian Federation, there is every chance to enter one of the groups of destinations from where tourists can come to rest.

Attache added that the choice of destination by tourists today is largely dependent on awareness. “In this regard, we are now paying great attention to the availability of the most relevant information for our guests. It is published daily on the website of the Cypriot Embassy in Russia, the Ministry of Tourism and social networks. I want to emphasize that our main priority is the safety of rest. Today, the epidemiological situation in Cyprus is very good, the government strictly monitors the compliance by the tourism industry with sanitary protocols. We want tourists on vacation to feel safe, ”said Dimitriou.

It should be noted that the epidemiological situation in Russia has not improved enough so far. According to RBC, while in Moscow the incidence is increasingly declining, in the rest of Russia, growth continues, and the peak incidence has not yet been passed. The number of daily detected cases is growing daily by 8 thousand people.

According to experts, one should not expect the opening of air links with Russia until this figure drops below 2 thousand. According to the head of the Federal Tourism Agency Zarina Doguzova, such decisions can be expected by the end of July-August.