Robbery again – ATM explosion in Limassol


According to police, this is the second robbery in a similar style. As the local detectives say, the “handwriting” of the robbers is the same. This means that a gang is operating in Limassol that is successfully tearing up Hellenic Bank ATMs and spending its loot with absolute impunity.

Today at dawn, two unidentified men on a black motorcycle at 03:35 blew up a Hellenic Bank ATM, took cash and disappeared into an unknown direction.

This is the fourth ATM explosion in Limassol. The first time was unsuccessful, on March 20 th robbers were not lucky in Germasogeia.

The second time – the next day in the same area, where the robbers already smiled good luck.

The third time was last Tuesday in the area of ​​Agia Phil. The police are sure that the same gang is operating.