President of the Cyprus Association of Pneumonologists Michalis Rovanias about Coronavirus


There are so many rumors, fables and terrible revelations about the ill-fated coronavirus that we decided to clarify everything, so to speak, with an experienced specialist. 

Dr. Michalis Rovanias studied in Moscow, at the Second Medical University Pirogov. He completed his residency and graduate studies in Sweden, where he lived and worked for 12 years and another 2 years in Denmark. Upon returning to his native island, Cyprus, continued medical practice in a wider segment: surgical pulmonology and oncological diagnosis of the chest. 

All current patients of our doctor are at risk, moreover, the disease for them can become fatal. Therefore, Mr. Rovanias studied the issue of COVID-19 as a whole with great attention.

At the beginning of our conversation, the doctor was calm and explained the features and details of this disease, and the tone and timbre of his voice inspired confidence that everything would be fine! 

The main motto was “easier to prevent than to cure!” That is, he fully supported the introduction of new stricter measures . 

– How many people can Cyprus take in the intensive care unit? 

– At the moment, about 80 places. All state hospitals except Paralimni (Famagusta region) have intensive care units. And in connection with the current situation, a Critical Care specialist was also appointed there. On Saturday, another 50 mechanical ventilation devices will be brought from Israel, plus the ones in private clinics. In total, I think, from Monday there will be about 150 beds. Critical Care specialists, of course, are few. One at a time – two per department, but they give appointments to medical personnel and only in emergency cases take a direct part. 

– Do you think the virus itself may turn out to be a biological weapon? Is it created by man?

“What difference does it make by who it was created, whether it was conceived as a weapon … it’s secondary!” There are many “conspiracy theories”, but you need to really look at things. The facts: a disease, an infection that spreads rapidly, affecting not only the upper respiratory tract, but also the lungs. We need to break the chain of transmission of infection. It is necessary that the sick recover and no new cases of infection appear.

It is necessary to avoid developing the script exponentially. We do not need a break in the function where the graph tends to infinity . Cyprus has not entered the progression! Home Prevention = Disconnection! 

– Do you think people need to be tested, just for themselves?

– Commercial testing without symptoms at the request of the patient is only to relieve paranoia in the population. Without symptoms, it should be carried out only in the case of 100% contact with the sick. 

– There are rumors that animals get COVID -19 too. And pass it on to people. What do you think?

– Listen, all the recent epidemics were called “swine flu”, “bird flu” … and this virus is also from animals. And we can trace the complete chain. There was an animal – a zero individual, from it, the virus was passed to the carrier – the bat – further to the human. The reverse chain is practically impossible. If this happens, it will be an exception, not a rule. In any case, this is not proven or confirmed. 

– Do you think it is necessary to create “herd immunity” in a nation? Is the example of England or Sweden worthy of imitation?

– Personally, I think this is a mistake! With this virus, stable immunity is not produced. The example of China shows that you can get sick several times. The body receives proper immunity through vaccination. Now the scientific community is in the process of testing a new vaccination. In a year it will be ready. The medicine will be ready much sooner. In a maximum of two months, pharmaceutical companies will begin production of the drug. In China, Japanese tablets Avigan have been very successfully used. They gave an excellent result. 

“Where are we now?” That is, what is the dynamics of the growth in the number of cases?

– We are at the beginning of the wave, we will climb the crest in a week, we will stay there for about 7-10 days and by the end of April everything will decline. New cases of infection will cease to appear. 

– And if in numbers?

– It’s hard to talk about anything specific. I think that only 1.5-2% of the population will turn to doctors. That is, the number of cases will exceed 1000. But this is normal dynamics. The main thing is to break the chain! Stop the transmission of infection. This is possible with minimal communication. So we can handle it! 

– Is this the first serious epidemic in your memory?

– There have already been so many! Only last year, it was A. flu. A very serious epidemic! And it spread quickly, and mortality was high … We can also handle COVID-19!

In the end, the country’s chief pulmonologist asked our readers: not to expose themselves and their relatives to risk and danger.

If there are people in the family with problems of the respiratory tract, lungs, susceptible and prone to bronchitis and pneumonia – stay home! Do not forget about basic preventive measures and everything will be fine. Good health to all!

The conversation turned out to be interesting and positive. Really believe in the best. If you have serious questions to the President of the Association of Cyprus Pulmonologists Michalis Rovanias – send in the comments. We will try to answer them.

Posted by: Anna Ioannou