PASYXE : 120 hotels open on June 9 – Prices from 20 euros per person


The Cypriot hotels have a month and a half to prepare for the reception of domestic and foreign visitors and are preparing to offer those that will choose to open their gates at very attractive prices which will be significantly lower compared to last season.

Speaking to InBusinessNews, PASYXE General Manager Zacharias Ioannidis initially told us that they expect the state to notify them in the near future of the procedures and security protocols that will be followed by the hotels that will reopen.
“As PASYXE, we sent a message to all our members to let us know whether they intend to open during the summer season and to notify us of their pricing policy, so that we can incorporate it in the summer list that we will publish. They have an appointment to answer us in the next two weeks “, he underlined.
Mr. Ioannidis, after expressing his appreciation that the list will include more than 120 accommodations throughout Cyprus, also gave us some indicative prices that will apply.
“Prices for the period from June 9 to October 31 will start based on the first data we have from accommodation that responded to our call from € 20 per person for accommodation of two people, an amount that is significantly reduced compared to last year. , where the lowest price was at € 30 per person “, he stressed.
Concluding, Mr. Ioannidis expressed the view that it is premature at this stage to notify the hotels that will not open their doors to the public, adding that everything will depend on the management in dealing with the pandemic and how much the efforts will bear fruit. of the agencies responsible for attracting visitors.