OEB :The crisis without bankruptcy and layoffs


Today is 25 days from the moment the first two cases of COVID-19 in Cyprus were confirmed.

As a result, under pressure from the world community, the Cypriot authorities decided to introduce emergency preventive measures. Later, due to the deteriorating epidemiological situation on the island, measures were tightened .

All this leads to a decrease in the index of the economy, both global and local. The entire population of the island suffers. As a result, the Union of Industrialists and Employers (OEB) has found all possible means and methods of supporting small and medium-sized businesses. Political movements and parties joined.

Within the society, the main goal now is to preserve jobs and keep the business afloat.

The union calls on all employers not to fire their staff due to the crisis. The union, in cooperation with the Government of Cyprus, is finalizing effective measures for financial assistance, subsidies and subsidies in this segment.

OEB hopes that together we can avoid aggravation of the situation and we can not close a single enterprise and not reduce a single employee.

For our part, we, as RMG, will publish a series of interviews with real people, businessmen who “fight” with an invisible enemy, protecting their subordinates.

They will talk about each person’s personal concept and how to overcome difficulties in a force majeure situation.

A series of interviews “We Are Against the Crisis” will help you learn first-hand what is happening in society. We will also tell you how ordinary people manage in an emergency.