Minister of Energy, George Lakkotrypis is leaving the government


After seven years at the helm of the Ministry of Energy, George Lakkotrypis is leaving the government, saying it is a “good time”, noting that the discussion with the President on his departure has been going on in recent months.

Speaking on Alpha’s noon show, when asked how he would describe the seven years as Energy Minister, Mr Lakkotrypis said: Negotiations with the Troika, the crisis that followed, the recession, the recovery, were satisfactory years for us to reach not only the energy issues but also the rest that this Ministry has the responsibility for “.

He also noted that hydrocarbon developments “overshadowed” other issues. 

“One of the issues we are facing is that the media has been paying close attention to hydrocarbon developments. Even if we presented some things for tourism, the Comptroller of companies, the next question we received was when the next drilling will take place. I am also planning a press conference shortly before my departure to present what we have done as a Ministry all these years until today “, he said.

Asked if he contacted the President of the Republic regarding the issue of his departure, Mr. Lakkotrypis said that “I have been cooperating perfectly with the President of the Republic for the last 7.5 years and the discussions with the President on many issues are and always remain open. constructive. ” “It is a good time for the new or the new Minister to be able to take on hot issues,” he said.

He added that the President of the Republic respected the decision and said that it was a “good time” for him to leave, so that his successor could be informed and adapted.

Asked who his successor will be, Mr Lakkotrypis said: “This is what you have to ask the President of the Republic. So far the discussion has focused on timelines for what needs to be completed and we have stayed here. The discussion with the President has been going on for a few months now. It was set around some landmarks. He respected my decision, we just both wanted to make sure that some important issues were closed before we made that transition. With the same vigor to achieve our goals, from there on I consider we have achieved our goals as a government and I will try to open a new cycle in my path “.

Referring to the difficult moments he faced and was called upon to manage as Minister, Mr. Lakkotrypis said: “I can identify various moments. Certainly, being Ministers for six days and negotiating with the Troika, the support package was not an experience paved with rose petals. There have been many discussions, the concern was not to interfere in what the Republic is doing, their biggest concern was not to put the Republic in spending. Certainly Turkey’s intervention in the attempt to drill ENI in block 3 was a very difficult period, another period that was also difficult was the management of the loss of the halloumi trademark in England.