Meteorological Service: Thunderstorm Warning


The Meteorological Service issued a warning today about thunderstorms that may be accompanied by hail. Precipitation will exceed 35 millimeters per hour.

The warning is valid from 12 to 18 hours on Friday.

The weather will remain cloudy, the air will warm up to 19 ° C inside the country and on the coast, 10 ° C in the mountains.

The temperature by the end of the day will drop to 9 ° C on the coast and to 3 ° C in the mountains, where even freezing is possible.

At the weekend, the nature of the weather will not change significantly – the weather will remain cloudy, there is a high probability of rain and thunderstorms.

By Monday, the weather will begin to improve and will continue to remain at a level close to the average for this period.