“MAN OF WAR”: Movie with budget over € 35 million in Cyprus


For the last quarter of 2020, the shooting of the film “MAN OF WAR”, by Dimitris Logothetis, locks after the recent approval by the Council of Ministers of the revised development plan of the Audiovisual Industry developed by the Ministry of Finance, which allows its financing. Cash return certificate from financial institutions of Cyprus. “Evolution is crucial as it provides a more flexible framework for further development of the industry, giving it comparative advantages,” said Logothetis, noting that the new timetable will also allow the manufacturing company to complete the required actions. at the pre-production stage. 

“I am very optimistic about the future, as I have contributed to the beginning of a constructive dialogue between the progressive Ministers of the Government and the leaders of the domestic audiovisual industry,” Mr Logothetis said. At the same time, he noted that he is in the final stages of finalizing the negotiations for the cash rebate of the film “MAN OF WAR” with a banking institution in Cyprus, so that filming can begin. The agreement includes two more films to be made in 2021.

“Initially we would come in July, but we have to transfer our plan for September to October,” said Dimitris Logothetis, while expressing his admiration for the speedy reduction of the spread of the Covid-19 corona in Cyprus, as a result. the timely measures taken by the Government. “Cyprus remains an ideal place to shoot, as it has similar natural features to Los Angeles, such as the course of the sun and natural light. The weather is fantastic, almost all year round, which helps us a lot with the shooting “, Mr. Logothetis stressed.
It is worth mentioning that the start of the film “MAN OF WAR” is a reference point for the world of world cinema, as it is the first production of Hollywood specifications, with a budget of over € 35 million that starts so soon after the Covid-19 pandemic. the country where the shooting took place, thus strengthening the global message of security offered by Cyprus.
Already, as he said, “after consultations we had in Cyprus, we are looking at the possibility of creating a studio. We are currently looking with my partner on the island to find the right place, “he said, adding that such a development would greatly support both the industry in Cyprus and the local economy in general. The future of audiovisual in Cyprus seems to be very bright, Mr. Logothetis said, as the country has people who have the appetite to build the foundations of the audiovisual industry, and “this is why I am ready to bring it. production of three more films on the island, in 2021 “.

Regarding the new order of things and the changes that have taken place in the workplace, professionals in the field of audiovisual should now follow new insurance regulations in filmmaking. Mr. Logothetis said, “We must all be very careful and correct. I expect the crew in Cyprus to arrive with my team of around 220 people. That’s why we’re working on a safe working protocol for our world on set. ”