Journalist Alekos Konstantinidis passed away last night – With the pen in his hand until the last minute


Free, progressive, unconventional spirit. Speech straight, with a sharp pen.
Revolutionary, alternative and dombra figure. 

Journalist Alekos Konstantinidis passed away last night.

Alekos Konstantinidis was born in 1930 and is originally from Kazafani, Kyrenia. He studied at the Teaching College of Morphou (later Pedagogical Academy). He worked very little as a teacher. He chose journalism starting as an art and film critic (he collaborated with the famous critic Fenek Mikelidis). He wrote an article in the magazine “Nea Epochi”, with a strong critical mood, in the 50’s. The book “Myths and Criticism. Critique of the Spiritual Established “in which he challenged the establishment that dominated the spirit world at that time.

He spoke all the major European languages, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Turkish and even Hungarian. His appeal to the language was a given and he attributed it daily, for thirty years, from his daily column in “Alithia”, the “Linguistic sidelines”. Through his column he confirmed every day his love for the correct Greek language, trying to correct our language abused by the media. He was a follower of the science of Semiotics and studied as much as perhaps any other writer, Uberto Echo. He has read many books, literary, historical, political, police, etc. (mainly Greek, English and French) attended all the great writers of the time but also older ones. It has translations on its assets,

As a progressive young man like most teachers at the time, he joined the leftist movement and worked for the AKEL newspaper, “New Democrat”. He was a harsh critic of the intellectual establishment of the time, under the pseudonym “Baltas”. Then, in 1956, he founded the newspaper “Empros” together with Tefkros Anthias, Andreas Kannauros and other progressive young people of the time. He then left AKEL disagreeing with the party’s stance in the EOKA struggle. He went to London for a few years and when he returned, in the 1960s, he collaborated with various Cypriot and foreign media, including RIK, “Phileleftheros” and “Eleftheria”. For a long time, before and after the Turkish invasion, he worked as a correspondent for the French News Agency.

In 1976, together with nine other journalists (among them the great Antonis Farmakidis), he founded “Simerini”, taking over the editorship of the newspaper. In “Simerini” he established his columnist “Ta Yper kai ta Kata”, which he kept uninterruptedly until his death in the newspaper “Alithia”, where he switched a few years later.

Alekos Konstatinidis moved to “Alithia” after persistent efforts of its publisher, Frixos Koulermos, in 1983. As soon as he took over the editorial board of “Alithia”, the circulation of the newspaper skyrocketed overnight. He remained with “Alithia”, first as editor-in-chief and later as publishing consultant (in 2006) until his death. He remained an active journalist until the last moment of his life. It may be a global phenomenon for a journalist to remain active (until he is 91) for over 66 years.

Alekos Konstantinidis did not publish an article until the last day of his life, but until two days after his death. On Monday morning he delivered his articles for three days. Later on Monday he had health problems and on Tuesday early in the evening he expired. On Wednesday and Thursday, his articles are published in his well-known column in “Alithia”. His latest article is about Famagusta.

He is survived by his wife Anna, originally from Rizokarpaso (nephew of the hero Petrakis Giallourou) and three children. Christiana and Katerina from his first marriage and Alexandros.

  • The funeral of Aleko Konstantinidis will take place next Saturday at 11 am in the church of Apostolos Barnabas in Dasoupoli.