In Italy, per day record mortality from COVID-19


In Italy, 250 people died from a disease caused by a new type of coronavirus COVID-19 in a day on March 13.

In total, 1,266 people have died since the outbreak began, said Angelo Borrelli, head of the Department of Civil Protection, on Friday.

The total number of infected since the outbreak in Italy has reached 17660 people, of which 14 955 people are currently ill, 1439 have been cured.

Borrelli said that the average age of the deceased is more than 80 years.

The increase in infections remains at a fairly high rate. According to experts, 20% of all coronavirus victims in the world are in Italy.

Recall, the outbreak of coronavirus in the country began on February 21. To date, almost ten thousand coronavirus tests have been done in Italy. 1016 casualties and 12,839 infected were previously reported.

Since March 10, the country’s authorities have introduced strict quarantine measures, including a ban on the movement of the population. Later, shops were closed, with the exception of grocery and drug stores, as well as bars and restaurants.