IATA launches pandemics travel rules card


To simplify the task for those trying to plan a trip, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has published a free interactive map that details what restrictions exist and where.

There, in particular, all the rules of entry into certain states that are applicable in connection with an outbreak of a disease are displayed: restrictions on air traffic, closed borders or compulsory passage of quarantine, etc.

The convenient card has a color coding in accordance with the rules in force in each country: dark blue for “partially closed” countries, light blue for “partially closed” countries, pale blue for countries without restrictions, white for those where “change information is updated.”

It is noted that these cards are regularly updated taking into account all changes in the world against the background of the spread of COVID-19.

The map is updated every 15 minutes by a team working with 1,700 government sources in more than 220 countries.

It is based on the IATA Timatic database, which contains information on the documentation required for international travel, which means that it provides potential travelers with access to the latest information on travel restrictions around the world.

IATA says it works with airlines and government agencies around the world to provide travelers with the latest information, but does not guarantee accuracy.

That is why it is recommended that all travelers use the map as a guide only, and still make additional checks and clarify information with experts before booking flights or planning a trip.