How they distributed € 700 thousand to the Media due to Covid19


An analysis of the distribution of the amount of sponsorship to the Media, in the context of the wider information campaign for the coronavirus pandemic, is carried out by the Ministry of Interior with the data showing large differences between the amounts for each media.

The data included in the response of the Minister of Interior to the AKEL MP Eleni Mavrou concern television and radio organizations, newspapers, news portals, social networks and the Press and Information Office, for internal productions on the pandemic.

Based on the data presented, amounts starting from € 119 were distributed, reaching up to € 70 thousand.

In 16 cases, the amount that was distributed did not exceed € 1000, while the largest amounts of € 70 thousand concern four television media.

In some cases the amount is increased, taking into account that a sponsorship was granted for the television or the newspaper, and an additional amount for the radio and internet portals of the same media.

The maximum individual amount granted in print media (3 cases) amounts to € 22 thousand.

The distribution of amounts without an institutionalized procedure

The ministry admits that the € 700,000 given to the media for information purposes in relation to the coronavirus pandemic was distributed without any institutionalized procedure for such a thing.

At the same time, he informs that the press and information office is in the process of preparing a mechanism for the distribution of funds to the media.

As noted, the process that is being prepared will serve so that in similar cases but also for the implementation of various campaigns it is clear to which media it is addressed and with what quota.

In this case, as mentioned, because there is no institutionalized procedure with the criteria on the basis of which to distribute the sponsorship, all active media were taken into account, which had allocated and continued to have time / space to promote and promote all of information material, which would be provided by the Press and Information Office until the end of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The analysis of the distribution in the media is attached.