Game is Over: The EU is preparing legal measures for naturalizations


The information regarding problematic naturalizations of foreign investors puts Cyprus under the microscope again, as the possibility of legal measures regarding the Cypriot investment program is being examined.

The Al Jazeera network today broadcasts a statement by the European Commissioner for Justice, Didier Reynders, who states that he had many contacts on the issue with the Minister of Interior, while he has also sent a letter to the government.

The Commissioner notes that the European authorities are now considering whether to initiate an infringement procedure by Cyprus on the issue of naturalization, or whether they will reach a relevant legislative proposal.

At the same time, he argues that the best thing would be the gradual abolition of the Cypriot investment program.

Justice in Cyprus to investigate the petitions

Mr Reynders emphasized the need to ensure that citizenship can be revoked when there is evidence of money laundering, corruption and crime.

At the same time, he pointed out that the justice system in Cyprus should investigate the data published by Al Jazeera. At the same time, others argue that the European Commission should bring Cyprus before the European Court of Justice, arguing that the plan poses a threat to EU security.

According to the report, the Cypriot authorities have so far identified 30 cases which are considered to be no longer suitable for naturalization, while Al Jazeera claims that there are many more.

The network continues throughout the week, revealing confidential information regarding the issuance of Cypriot passports to persons associated with the commission of criminal offenses, fugitives and the political elite of other countries.