French energy giant in Cyprus


HDF Energy, one of the main French independent electricity generating companies, announced its descent to Cyprus. 

The French giant, which starts operations in Cyprus, is distinguished internationally for its specialization in the uninterrupted production of energy, through renewable energy sources and in the mass storage of electricity.

HDF Energy is an active member of the French Hydrogen Union (AFHYPAC) and according to a press release today, is a pioneer in the development of large-scale innovative hydrogen-based energy solutions.  

Its multimillion-euro projects in South America, Australia, French Guinea, Martinique and elsewhere are valued as high-value development structures, with fundamental contributions to local communities and national economies.

“HDF Energy is fully focused on expanding its operations in the Cypriot market. “Through its innovative technology, and its international experience, it firmly believes that it can make a positive contribution to the strategic planning of Cyprus in the field of energy”, it is reported.  

The company’s activity in Cyprus will substantially contribute to achieving the goal of increasing the percentage of energy from RES to 23% of net total consumption by 2030, it added. “The French company will allocate its know-how and resources to support the national effort for a radical transformation of the Cypriot energy system over the next decade, as well as to increase the energy efficiency of energy production,” the company concludes.