Formula 1: Debut 2021. Bahrain.



The Shakir track is one of the most difficult and interesting in the list of the famous “Formula 1”. This is where the pre-season tests took place.

Mercedes – they know how to overcome difficulties quickly, because they will have to fight with Red Bull, who have installed a new engine on their cars, which they planned to use in 2022. 

Yesterday at qualifying, Vettel surprised with a minus sign, who starts with Aston Martin from the very last places. Everyone said that he was infringed upon at Ferrari, practicing his teammate’s car. But in this case, there are practically no excuses, except that Nikita Mazepin, who was skidded in front of Sab. In addition, he received a fine for yellow flags. 

On the very first day of the season, the strongest wind rose! He interfered with the pilots and directly influenced the outcome of the race. Interestingly this season, Aston Martin and Mercedes will alternate their “safety” cars. For the Russian Nikita Mazepin, this is a “baptism of fire”, as well as for the son of Schumacher and Yuki Tsunoda.

It is worth noting that four world champions are taking part this season: Raikkonen, Vettel, Alonso and Hamilton. 
We used to see Williams in the tail, but today the Hass pilots were in the honorable 18th and 19th places. 

Pierre Gasly was pleasantly surprised – the start from the fifth position for “AlphTauri” is just a sensation!

Pierre Gasly

Magic Honda motors! Suddenly, the ex Renault, now Alpin, was brought to the top ten by the forty-year-old Spaniard Alonso. But Esteban Ocon was in the tail. 

With such data, this exciting race began!

And on the warm-up lap, technical problems appeared for the second Red Bull car, as a result, an additional warm-up was added to everyone. Cheko Perez still took the starting position (last), remaining absolutely calm.

Sergio Perez celebrated his anniversary yesterday – 10 years at Formula 1! On the first lap, to everyone’s surprise, he changed his shoes: yellow to yellow. 

On the first bunch of turns, Nikita Mazepin took off, badly crashing the car. Nikita had problems with the brakes during training, and in the same place there was a U-turn on the track. There was no contact, it looks like the car was just thrown sideways. And again the yellow flags … in the same place, Mika Jr. unfolded. A little later Max complained about the gas pedal and continued to complain again !!! The technical service promised to figure it out, but – alas and ah! After the restart, Gasly fought for the third position, but his wing broke, and there was minimal contact. 

Max held the first position. Merciers were only second and third!

The leader of the race was called to the pitstop with a delay and this gave a huge advantage to the seven-time world champion. Lewis came first. Another standard sandwich of two Mercedes stuffed with Red Bull. Lando Norris fought desperately and took risks, but as you know: “risk is a noble cause.” 

Unsuccessfully out-shooted Bottas on lap 32, dropping to fifth position. Perez immediately passed Dan Riccardo, because McLaren had nothing to oppose on the line. 

Alonso announced a problem with the brakes on lap 34 and got into the pits after getting off the track.

McLaren have fast cars, but they change tires terribly slowly – 3.9 seconds. 

What is a collision-free race? On the 45th circle, Vettel and Okon collided! An offensive moment for both! “Alpin” was in a bad situation – Alonso got off, Esteban Ocon damaged the car. 
Norris consistently held the fourth
position – the leaders changed among themselves, and he remained the first in the royal retinue!

On lap 53, Max Verstappen overtook Hamilton, but Lewis immediately won the position. The Mercedes fans did not even have time to scream in despair. On the last lap Valtteri Bottas changes tires and goes for the best lap! 
Overall, the leaders performed well. Ferrari showed their best side! McLaren took 4th and 7th positions. I, of course, expected Dani to be taller than Lando, but apparently DR will need some adaptation! 

Lewis Hamilton

The standard podium, which we saw last season! 
1) Lewis Hamilton
2) Max Verstappen
3) Valtteri Bottas
Everything says that the fight will be intense! “Red Bull” will put pressure on the legendary “Mercedes”, in the second echelon the clear leader is “McLaren”, although other teams were at their best. Alpin disappointed, they were more active in Renault format … but who knows! Williams has accelerated, which is commendable! Yuki Tsunoda turned out to be the best among the debutants, for which separate congratulations to him! 

Yuki Tsunoda

Place your bets, gentlemen! 
Write to us, who do you see in the place of the world champion 2021? Who will win the constructors’ cup? 
And we are waiting for the next Grand Prix!