Formula 1 – 2020 Grand Prix Calendar


We waited, finally it happened – the leadership of Formula 1 finally figured out the question of holding the first European stages of this season, and now we know for sure the route along which the “big circus” will travel in the next three months.


However, the beginning of the season will be predictable – too much effort has been put into the Red Bull concern and its racing division to start the “formulaic” European year in their homeland, in Austria.

It is on the track in Spielberg, known as the Red Bull Ring, that the Formula 1 teams will come to begin to delight us with their pokatushki on July 3. Moreover, over the past few weeks, the odious Helmut Marko managed not only to convince the Austrian government of the need to hold a race, but also to beat out the right for F1 to allow fans to come to the stands – however, they should be no more than 500 people.

Red Bull Ring

Moreover, in Spielberg, the teams will spend not one, but two weeks at once. As stated originally, the stage in Austria will be doubled – from July 10 to July 12, the second race, called the Styrian Grand Prix, will also be held there.

The only thing is still unknown in what format it will take place. The teams, together with the owners of the championship and the FIA, are actively discussing the issue of replacing the Saturday qualification with another sprint race, in which the pilots will start in the reverse order relative to their places in the individual competition. Everyone agrees to this idea, except … “Mercedes”, which directly says that this can prevent Lewis Hamilton from becoming a seven-time champion.

For a similar attitude to the situation, the “silver arrows” even managed to get a plentiful bucket of criticism from the leadership of the same “Red Bull”.


Immediately after Austria, the entire Formula 1 peloton, limited, by the way, to 80 employees per team, having quickly assembled, will leave for Hungary.

Yes, after two, most likely, sharp and exciting races, a weekend awaits us at the boring Hungaroring, which has long been nicknamed “kartodrom” because of its configuration and narrowness. Initially, it was planned that after the Austrian stages the championship will be attended by two races in the UK, however, both from the point of view of the coronavirus and from the point of view of logistics, Liberty Media decided that it would be better to re-arrange the calendar.


For a long time, the fate of the British races generally remained unknown, but the intervention of the country’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson still allowed to convince the ministers to make concessions for Formula 1. Pilots and teams will not need to quarantine for 2 weeks, so the UK Grand Prix starts on July 31.

It is interesting that Hamilton will have two attempts to win the home stage at once – the fifth race of the championship will also take place on the Silverstone circuit a week later and will be called the Grand Prix of the 70th anniversary of Formula 1. However, the second attempt may turn out to be much more difficult for the hegemon of the modern “motorsport queen”, if the replacement of qualifications with the sprint mentioned above still occurs.


By the way, not all Formula 1 fans were completely satisfied that Britain still remained on the calendar of the championship. For a long time, the leadership of the series held negotiations on the possible return of the legendary German Hockenheimring, which gave the audience a crazy race in 2019, but as a result, the German Grand Prix in 2020 will not take place.

But the Grand Prix of Spain, initially postponed for an unknown period, will take place, which will be the sixth stage of the current racing year and will be held from August 14 to 16. This race will be the last in a shuffled version of the calendar, after which all fans of the championship are expected by the already inseparable for many years couple from the Belgian Spa (August 30) and the Italian “temple of speed” Monza (September 6).

Monza track

It is planned that all these races, except naturally the first two in Austria, will be held without spectators. But no one knows what is waiting for Formula 1 further, which predictably generates a huge number of rumors, such as those that say that the Russian Grand Prix in Sochi, for example, can be replaced by a second race in Italy, which joy will take the track Imola.

In the end, it’s worth adding that in addition to Formula 1, spectators at TV screens and computer monitors will be able to get to know the world of youth racing more closely – each of the first eight stages of “big prizes” will take under its wing the “younger sisters” from “Formula- 2 “and” Formula 3 “.