Facebook is threatening to pull the plug on its operations in Europe


Facebook threatens to exclude European users due to the decision of the Data Protection Commissioner of Ireland. This means that at the moment there is a possibility that 410 million users will be left without Facebook and Instagram, a fact that for many, has turned into a real nightmare.

It all started in Dublin, where the Data Protection Commissioner of Ireland, Ellen Dixon, issued a decision, which angered the company. Last month, she told Facebook she would not be able to transfer data involving European citizens to US computer servers without access to intelligence services and government agencies.

Facebook’s reaction was immediate, as it immediately ordered all necessary legal proceedings to be initiated to defend its rights. The first step was to file a lawsuit against the Irish Data Protection Authority. Advocates for the platform focus on the fact that they were given a minimum of three weeks to prove that they are not taking advantage of access to citizens’ data on behalf of third parties. In addition, he directly accuses Dixon of empathy, deceit and prejudice, because he targeted this platform, despite the fact that all social media works in the same way. He also says that he was never informed by anyone about the previous investigation before the decision was made.

Facebook spokeswoman Yvonne Cunnane, head of personal data security and chief executive of the European media, said: “Facebook is a very important tool for free speech. “In Europe, 410 million people use it, while sales of products and services by companies operating through the platform reach 208 billion euros.”

This means that in addition to the psychological impact, the outcome of leaving all European users without the two main social media, will have unpleasant economic consequences, especially if this is permanent and not temporary.

SOURCE: fortunegreece.com