Expectations did not materialize: Formula 1’s birthday was too calm


The last qualifying at Silverstone … happened what we expected last week.

The well-known failures of Niko Hulkenberg ended on Saturday. Let me remind you that last week he did not even manage to enter the track. The machine refused to work. But finally, after ten years of trying, ten years of intense struggle, the Hulk finished third in qualification. This, of course, is not a guarantee of the podium, but a serious claim for a good position! I’m sure all riders, technical staff and fans will be delighted to see Niko on the podium! In an interview, he said that he had time to prepare and relax. He is also surprised that he was able to be in third place. Hulk honestly admitted that under the coronavirus mask he has a wide smile. So from the bottom of our hearts we wish him good luck!

The race began with the fact that Vettel lost control and from the 11th position slipped into the very tail of the bellette. Then everything was predictable, nothing interesting happened. Niko Hulkenberg consistently held the fourth position, but Valtteri Bottas constantly set the “best circle” and “absolutely best sector”, which has already begun to enrage the fans of Lewis Hemilton.

Dani Riccardo skidded, about the same as Sebastian Vettel. Only here the fight was with Carlos Science. Denchik had the idea to change his shoes before everyone else for the second time, installing hard tires. So he thought to avoid the third pit stop, gaining time … and as a result – hopelessly behind, falling out of the top ten. On lap 37, after a skid, the renoshnik again changed tires, finally going down to 16 position.

Typically, in every race, team strategists and strategists try to keep stops to a minimum. In the best case, you can get by with one pit stop. But today, most of the teams called pilots three times! All this brought the fight to a new level. By the 42nd circle, Max Verstappen became the leader, followed by Bottas, and the third, with a huge lag, was Hamilton. Charles Leclair and Ferrari are in fourth place. Unfortunately, Niko Hulkenberg did not come to the podium this time either.

As a result, Kevin Magnussen went off the track. Well, on the podium were:

1. Verstappen

2. Hamilton

3. Bottas

Scuderia Ferrari got the stable fourth place. Charles accomplished the feat by making only one stop. Esteban Ocon performed a similar heroism.

In fifth place, unexpectedly for many, was Alex Albon. Many compare him to a teammate, whom he lost as much as 40 seconds.

The race was not very extreme, there was little struggle and a low pace. The weather was not at all what had been predicted. We waited more than 30 degrees, but in fact the temperature column dropped to 24.

For fans of Formula 1, Barcelona is waiting. Usually the races take place there in the spring, when it is not so hot. It remains to wait for the Spanish track and hope for surprises. I want a sharp fight and hard overtaking!