Eurostat:A statistical portrait of the European Union compared with G20 countries


Today Eurostat, the Statistical Office of the European Union, publishes the latest edition of the publication “The EU in the world”, which provides a portrait of the European Union (EU), considered as a single entity, in comparison with the 16 non-EU Group of Twenty countries (G20).

EU is the second-largest contributor to the world GDP (18.6%) after ???????? United States (24.0%)

You will find out for instance that in 2018 the female employment rate was higher in the EU (62.3%) than in a majority of the other G20 members, although a higher proportion of women were employed in the United States, Russia, Australia, Japan and the United Kingdom, with a peak of 71.0% recorded in Canada.

Looking at government debt, Japan had by far the highest government debt relative to GDP in 2018 at 237.1% of GDP, more than three times as high as the EU at 79.7%. The lowest ratio of government debt to GDP was Russia at 14.6% of GDP. Most G20 members had a government deficit in 2018; only South Korea and Russia recorded surpluses. The largest deficits were recorded in India (6.4% of GDP) and Brazil (7.2% of GDP).

Among the G20 members, the highest incidence of road traffic deaths relative to population size in 2016 was observed in Saudi Arabia where there were 29 such deaths per 100 000 inhabitants. The lowest figures were recorded in the EU (5 deaths per 100 000 inhabitants), Japan (4) and the United Kingdom (3).