Eurostat: The shortest people in Europe are the Cypriots


According to a pan-European survey, Cypriots have the lowest altitude among all European citizens.

The survey was conducted among 47 countries located geographically in the Old Continent and as the data show the Cypriot men with an average height of 1.72 cm are ranked in the last place, while the Cypriot women with an average height of 1.60 cm figure in the penultimate, since shorter Only women from Armenia are only one centimeter tall. The country with the tallest people (men and women) in Europe is the Netherlands with an average of 1.77 cm, while the average height in Cyprus is 1.66 cm.

In terms of men, the first country in height is the Netherlands with 1.83 cm, followed by Montenegro and Estonia with 1.82 cm. Greece is in 21st place with an average height of men of 1.79 cm, while Cyprus is in 47th and last place with an average height of 1.72 cm.

In terms of women, the Dutch and the women from Montenegro with an average of 1.70 cm share the first place, followed by the Danes with an average of 1.69 cm. The Greek women have an average height of 1.65 cm and the Cypriots are in 46th place (penultimate), after literally beating the women from Armenia in the point.

The research data is published by Alpha.