EU to banks: Support the economy with new loans


The head of the European Union’s financial regulators has pledged to delay the imposition of new tough capital rules on banks, provided that lending support should be a priority in the fight against coronavirus.

As the FT reports, Valdis Dombrovskis himself strongly denied that banks could raise additional funds at this time, especially after the spread of coronavirus almost throughout European territory.

At the same wavelength are the policies of global regulators “players” after postponing last Friday for the following year of the introduction of new capital standards, which is favorable to Brussels, and welcomed by Dombrovskis, since such a move could to greatly benefit European banks.

“It is a pleasant development for us as it gives us more time,” said Dombrovskis, adding that “our intention is to exploit the prospects for the Eurozone to unfold before us so that banks can finance more comfort state economies. “

Finally, EU regulators and competent authorities have been struggling for several weeks to keep the financial ‘flow’ stable as millions of businesses and companies have been suspended and the global economy is steadily stepping into a deep recession. .