Erdogan and Tatar announced the opening of Varosha


Ersin Tatar rushed to Ankara to meet with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

After the meeting between Erdogan and Tatar, they made statements and announced the opening of Varosha.

Stating that Varosha is undoubtedly the territory of the pseudo-state, Ersin Tatar said: “We are taking the first concrete step according to our road map, we are opening the coastal zone. “The ‘people’ will benefit from the coast.” 

Erdogan took the floor and said: “I congratulate all Turkish Cypriots for this beautiful development. “We know this decision will upset many parties.”

Earlier, the Turkish Cypriot press reported that there was a claim that the “TRNC” and Turkey had pressed the button to open the blockade, information which was verified during the statements of Tatars and Erdogan.

At the same time, Ankara is broadcasting footage from the besieged city and bulldozers and trucks lined up outside the besieged city of Famagusta. 

According to confidential sources of the newspaper, there is currently a lot of mobility in the area of ​​the enclosed area of ​​Varosia. However, it is noteworthy that the “cabinet” of the “TRNC” has not taken any decision regarding the city.

Meanwhile, it has been learned that “Prime Minister” Ersin Tatar, before leaving the occupied territories for a meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Ankara this afternoon, said in his close circle “I have a big surprise for you”.

It is noted that the pseudo-prime minister, who is also elected according to the indications of Ankara to take over the reins of the Turkish Cypriot community, is expected to return to the occupied areas tonight.

It is not ruled out that this visit will be part of the effort to promote it in view of the so-called presidential elections on Sunday.