Draft list of countries that will be allowed to enter the EU from July 1


Locked in a meeting room in Brussels, officials are discussing who will be allowed to enter the EU from July 1, and who is forbidden.

On Thursday, European officials were unable to decide which countries would be banned from entering after the opening of external borders. An EU diplomat told Euronews that officials “cannot come to an agreement” and that negotiations will continue on Friday.

Euronews has received from EU diplomatic sources a complete draft list of countries for which the borders of Europe will be open, and can confirm that Brazil, Qatar, the United States and Russia are not included in the approved list.

Sources also questioned the July 1 border opening date, suggesting that agreements would not be received on time.

The full list of countries whose citizens will be allowed to enter Europe according to the draft list is as follows:

Vatica, Monaco, Montenegro, Andorra, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Albania, Turkey, Kosovo, DPRK, Turkmenistan, Vietnam, China, Thailand, Myanmar, Mongolia, Japan, South Korea, Georgia, Bhutan, Lebanon, Indonesia, Uzbekistan India, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Palau, New Zealand, Australia, Dominica, Bahamas, Saint Lucia, Uruguay, Jamaica, Cuba, Guyana, Paraguay, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Canada, Angola, Tunisia, Namibia, Uganda, Mozambique, Mauritius, Zambia, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt.

Diplomatic sources have also hinted to Euronews that there is disagreement between countries regarding the criteria used to make this decision, with some arguing that COVID cases are not reliable. They ask ECDC, an EU disease prevention agency, to provide more information. Lists will be reviewed every two weeks.