Doctors of Britain: “the Coronavirus will last until the spring of 2021 and may lead to the hospitalization of 7.9 million people”


The UK coronavirus epidemic will last until next spring and could lead to hospitalization of 7.9 million people, these are the results of a Public Health England (PHE) briefing for senior NHA officials.

Doctors are preparing for the fact that 80% of Britons will be infected with coronavirus and its spread will last at least another 12 months, which will lead to a huge additional burden of the already overloaded health system.

Professor Chris Whitty, chief medical adviser to the government, presented the worst-case scenario in which four out of five Britons are infected with the virus.

The briefing sets out the latest official considerations about how seriously the infection can affect both public health and the work of personnel serving critical services such as the NHS, police, fire brigade, and transportation.

The admission by experts that the virus will continue to cause problems for another year undermines the hope that warmer weather will kill it.

The health service cannot cope with a large influx of people, so it was decided to accept only very seriously ill patients.

The disease is expected to peak in Britain in the next 10-14 weeks.

The strategy of all countries at the moment is to delay the peak of the disease and stretch it for a longer period of time so that health services can better cope with this problem.

In addition, everyone hopes that by this time new treatments will be available.

It is expected that after the peak the number of cases of disease and mortality will decrease within 10 weeks, by the summer the epidemic will decline and may even approach zero level.

However, there is a fear that the virus may revive in the autumn or winter months, which means the need to plan methods to combat it for a long time until a vaccine is developed.

We can only wait, and, of course, independently take all measures to maintain and maintain our health.