Disappointment of leisure centers for the new government plans


The Federation of Recreation Center Owners’ Associations (OSIKA) is expressing disappointment with the new employment support plans announced today by the government and warns with strong reactions if the injustice for the industry is not corrected, which is reportedly caused. through the plans.

A written statement from the Federation, in which the Association of Owners of Famagusta Recreation Centers (SIKAA) also participates, states that “after today’s announcements of new employment support plans, we express our disappointment for the support of our industry. At first glance, catering facilities can be included in the second plan if and when their turnover comes at least 40% from tourism and they should show a reduction of the total turnover by 55% “.

He added that “it is questionable that the support for our industry and the thousands of workers in it will end in August, while in another industry related to tourism it will continue until mid-October. Our view is that tourism companies should be included in a single plan, which will take into account the specifics of each industry. “

According to the announcement, “the distinction made in the plans announced today has created a great sense of injustice in our industry and possibly in other industries.”

The Association “will study the terms and conditions of the plans, when they will be published and will send relevant suggestions to the relevant Ministries and Parliamentary Parties”.

After stating that “no consultation was held with representatives of the industry in the preparation of the relevant plans”, OSIKA notes that “in case after a reasonable period of time from the submission of our proposals, the injustice that has been caused is not corrected, then we will proceed with dynamic reactions “.