SEO: What is the difference between Yandex and Google?


Being a professional advertising agency RMG Global Media considers its like duty to briefly explain to you the difference between these two platforms.

What factor fundamentally affects the decision to promote your brand through a particular platform? Right, geography, regions where your target audience lives. At this stage you have to take into consideration that Google does not involve Russia, China or South Korea in its target group.  In the same time, Yandex is the most popular search engine in Russia, being selected by 57% of internet users. Yandex is also leading in Kazakhstan, Belarus and Turkey.

Clearly define your goals. To reach out to Russian speakers Yandex is a better option rather than Google.

We would like to point out the following differences:


Yandex focuses on advanced geotargeting, thus delivering different content to consumers based on their geographic locations. Google focuses on users’ interests and frequently visited places.

Optimization process

Our experts realized that SEO optimization through Yandex is more in-depth and long procedure, compared to Google, which is preferably optimizing new pages. As a result, Yandex has more detail based and accurate content.

Analysis of users behavior

Yandex monitoring user’s behavior and using specific methods such as spamming with comments in order to maintain user engagement for a longer time period and therefore make the website have higher rankings. Google monitors users who have been to a website more than twice. 

The Backlink effect

Yandex put focus on user’s behavior and less so on back links, prefering to focus on more quality links that create an organic flow of users.

In this case Yandex and Google are similar in their optimization techniques as they both focus more on quality, and they use backlinks to improve the expertise and reliability of their sites.

Domain age

To ranking websites Yandex takes into consideration the age of the domain, more so than Google. Yandex can also provide information on the creation date of a web page via its cache data.

Quality over plagiat

Yandex has a more detailed content filtering system in order to prevent duplicated content and technical errors, when Google which focuses on delivering fresh content continuously, leaving more room for duplicated data and possible errors.

Different Ranking Factors

Yandex differs from Google by not considering factors such as website load speed or website usability on mobile devices to be important enough to influence a website’s ranking.

E-commerce support

A useful update for those who report e-commerce data to Yandex.Metrika and run ads in Yandex.Direct. You can now immediately select the e-commerce goal “Purchase” as the keygoal or in optimization strategies.

Despite the fact that overall optimization values appear to be universal, Yandex, having its peculiar features, is a great option for targeting a Russian-speaking audience.