Cyprus is the only European country with an increase in car sales


Passenger car registrations in Europe fell in July and August but not as sharply as in previous months, indicating a slow recovery in the automotive sector on the old continent hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

At EU level, the fall in August was 18.9% compared to the same month last year. Regarding the countries, the decrease was smaller in Germany and France compared to that observed in the rest while only one Member State recorded an increase in car sales compared to last year and that was Cyprus.

Across the first eight months, EU-wide rankings fell by about a third, with Spain and Italy showing the largest declines (close to 40%), while France was just above the European average (32%) and Germany significantly lower (just over 28%).

However, sales in May fell more than three times compared to August, which shows a trend of slow but gradual normalization of the already negative situation.