Cyprus from today will open the border for citizens arriving from Russia


The permit does not apply to tourists – they are not yet expected on the island. The list for entry permits includes only Russians who have citizenship of the Republic of Cyprus and their family members, persons who have a residence permit in this country, diplomatic officers and those who are granted the opportunity to visit the country directly by the government of Cyprus.

Arriving will need to take a coronavirus test or provide a certificate of passing a PCR test with a negative result. In addition, the Ministry of Health of Cyprus has not canceled the 14-day quarantine for citizens arriving from countries of category “C”. Russia is in it.

If the epidemiological situation in Russia improves, the country may be included in the list of countries of group B, with the possibility of tourist trips and no need for a two-week quarantine.

So far, Russia has resumed air traffic with a limited number of countries. Flights with Great Britain, Turkey and Tanzania have been operated for a month now. Flights to Switzerland were resumed on August 15, but only holders of a residence permit in this state can enter the territory of the state.