Cyprus expects the return of tourists from Russia and UK in July.


Cyprus hopes to regain lost ground in the tourism sector from July and expects that by then the opportunity to receive British and Russian tourists will reappear, said Tourism Minister Savvas Perdios on Wednesday.

The government hopes that after the opening of hotels on June 1, the flow of tourists will resume. According to the most optimistic forecasts, this year the tourism market can make up 30 percent of 3.98 million visitors last year. The Minister noted that coronavirus has caused serious damage to the tourism industry and therefore all parties concerned are now making maximum efforts to restore the tourism sector.

Already on June 9, the island will open to travelers from several countries, including Germany, Greece and Israel. Gradually, this list will be replenished with new countries, depending on the epidemiological situation.

Perdios also expressed hope that the situation inside the UK, Russia and Sweden will stabilize and allow residents of these countries, which are strategically important markets for the tourism sector of Cyprus, to resume travel to the island (only visitors from Britain and Russia make up 55 percent of all tourists arriving in Cyprus) .

Despite the fact that the authorities tightened the rules for protecting health and safety on the island, Perdios noted that “a lot of measures have been taken … but at the same time we understand that when people come to the island, they want to relax and not undergo endless examinations, therefore our task is to prepare the island for the meeting of guests at the proper level, but not to turn it into a huge hospital. “