Cyprus: Coronavirus- Ankle Bracelet GPS Tracker- Like Criminals


According to Edward Snowden, the (even more strangling) surveillance techniques of the citizens due to coronavirus came to stay.
Already in EU countries such as Germany, the implementation of the Taiwan model is being discussed, where citizens who are considered ‘suspects’ (those who have come in contact with or have returned from abroad) will be monitored through the location of their mobile phones and may even be at risk of being arrested. if they turn it off!

As all the “for our own good” choke models have come to our “neighborhood” as well, Cyprus will pass special electronic tracking bracelets (such as to criminals) to those who come out of the coronavirus!

All these suffocating monitoring measures in conjunction with the imposition of curfew create an environment that only as “Orwellian ” could be called the “Big Brother”to monitor every movement of citizens.

New restrictive measures were announced recently by Cypriot Health Minister Konstantinos Ioannou.
The measures are as follows:

– Traffic is completely prohibited from 9 pm to 6 am (except those working).

– No visits to houses. Checks will be made to see if there are only people in the same family in each house.

– Positive cases of isolated coronavirus will be controlled electronically (wristband)

– Fine for unlicensed circulation increases from 150 to 300 euros

– Sunday all businesses will be closed (Super market etc)

– In taxis and cars, passengers should not exceed three, with the driver.

– Citizens should approach two meters when approaching a public place

– Exceptional traffic permits are limited to once a day and only by sms.

– Only those over 65 years of age can use this form.